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 Sith Vs BEAR

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PostSubject: Sith Vs BEAR   Wed 10 Dec - 21:40

This happened a few months back when Grizzly was still in charge of Bear. Some Sith were getting bored so a few of us came up with Clan Battles.

Here were the results.

2v2 Segment
Void Dragon and Buz (Sith) vs Killeen and Destryer of Worlds (BEAR) 2-0 to Sith

Holy and PhalanX(Sith) vs ???? (BEAR) 0-2 to BEAR

VoidDragon and Buz (Sith) vs ???? (BEAR) 1-2 to BEAR
Overall Score: 4-3 to Bears.

1v1 Segment
(Sith) vs (BEAR)
VoidDragon (Sith) vs The Federation (BEAR) 2-0 to Sith
PhalanX (Sith) vs Koala(BEAR) 2-0 to Sith
Buz (Sith) vs Destroyer of Worlds (BEAR) 2-1 to Sith
Overall Score 6-1 to Sith

I cannot remember some of the Bears players who fought here, but each game was brilliant, and they fought well.
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Sith Vs BEAR
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