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 Wars of the Ancients

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PostSubject: Wars of the Ancients   Wed 19 Nov - 7:03

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/maximustotalwar Registration here: Post your name, link to Steam and GMT.

16 players, Bo3, mirror factions. If there are more than 16 players, rounds can be added. The rounds will go over 1 week, both players have 1 week from the starting date of round 1 to find their opponent, agree to a time and finish their games.

Round 1:
Macedon/Parthia - Parthia/Macedon tiebreaker Seleucid/Seleucid

Round 2:
Carthage/Polybian Rome - Polybian Rome/Carthage tiebreaker Epirus/Epirus

Round 3:
Arverni/Marian Rome - Marian Rome/Arverni - Tiebreaker Odrysian Kingdom/Odrysian Kingdom

Round 4:
Finalists and bronze finalists get to decide their mirror factions and tiebreaker.

Max 6 of the same, max 4 horse archers, max 8 cavalry, skirmisher cavalry and horse archers included. Max 10 skirmishers total. General of Carthage and Rome not included in cavalry limit. Both players are attackers.

To sweeten the 3.14 , the winner will get the Black Sea Culture Pack or something from Steam of the same value if they already own the DLC or don't want it.
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Wars of the Ancients
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