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 Chaos's Trip to not Sucking - Still working on it ;)

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PostSubject: Chaos's Trip to not Sucking - Still working on it ;)   Thu 23 Oct - 13:47

So after like a year of sidelining the tw community, I Chaos, a player no one will have ever heard about decided to give Rome 2 MP a go.

To make matter more interesting for myself I decided to start my Rome 2 Journey by also trying out for a clan (SITH) Who have a prospect trial of three weeks where they gauge their potential recruits skill.

There were a couple reasons for this. But mainly it boils down to:

1 ) easy access to people familiar with the meta

2 ) strong clan players are more likely to add someone with a respected clan tag and play them. Then they are randoms. SITH is fairly well respected atm.

Now to make this even more interesting and make this post possible,

I have saved the replays of every game(missing 4 i think) i have played since I started on October 12th 2014.


Why Do This?

The reason I am doing this is to show, a) my progression in learning this game, and b) to show that it is possible with the correct approach to improve QUICKLY at total war.

What Am I Hoping For?

What I would like to see out of this is newer players watching this and seeing perhaps the progression of my armies. Seeing things that they did and or are doing wrong. then moving to the next day and also seeing how my armies changed and how I adapt to the meta as my understanding grows.

Now A Note

My replays are sorted by patch, which is 15 atm, then my month day and year then players name. Not by time.

So all games from a certain day are alphabetical.

It is also a ZIP folder so winzip or 7 zip will be necessary to open.

So the replays can be downloaded mediafire.com folder/ej10nmjonb382/Chaos's_Rome_2_Replays

And for those of you who do not know how to find your replay folder I have made a youtube video quickly showing you how.


If this helps anyone or if you think i can do this more efficiently please let me know. Feel free to add me on steam, my profile is linked down below.
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Chaos's Trip to not Sucking - Still working on it ;)
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