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 Barbarian Team Tournament - The End

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PostSubject: Barbarian Team Tournament - The End   Mon 22 Jun - 11:52

Ladies and gentelman,

with final score of 4-0 to Brotherhood of Aggony in the final match with Agartha Team 1, Barbarian Team Tournament reached the end!

The victory and the ultimate price goes to members Brotherhood of Aggony team. Well done guys! To be honest I didn’t expect such a clear victory in the end, especially remembering the early score in the group when Agartha was on top. But you stayed in the best shape and you showed it now. I am very happy to see that two main forces on TW scene clashed in the final, as it shows also the level of this tournament. Duck – please inform me (on pm here or by steam) which Attila’s DLC would like to get members of your team.

Congrats to Agartha Team 1 for all their effort in the tournament. First time in the tournament you suffered defeat, pity that it happen in the final game. Still, you showed great skill during the whole tournament (I know it also from my personal experience).

To sum up, the total of 18 teams, over 160 players, took part in Barbarian Team Tournament. Almost every important and well established TW clan entered the game. This, I think, shows what a big space is there for team tournaments. Of course, like in every other tournament, there were good and bad moments, some clans were not active (also due to time differences). But in the end we – SB - are very happy with the outcome and we hope that players registered took some joy from this tournament.

On behalf of SB, I would like to thank you all for entering this tournament. Special thanks are to the captains of the teams who had additional work in arranging games, sometimes with problems resulting from time differences. Personally, I am very glad that during BTT I had an opportunity to meet many great people who are eager to make this scene working.

What next? Well, most of us probably feel that ATW already had its best moments. However, there is new sun in the horizon – Arena Total War. This game might change the whole scene, in better or worse. Let’s all do our best to make it better.

Finally, there are no good words to describe how much I appreciate help of Olkimos and Diplomatt in running this tournament. These guys were and are priceless, with all their ideas, judgments etc. They were perfect judges and working with them was pleasure from the first day till the last.

So, that’s it. I hope that some day it will be possible to run another edition of Barbarian Team Tournament. Maybe on Arena, we will see.

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Barbarian Team Tournament - The End
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