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 Are hellenic factions viable?

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PostSubject: Are hellenic factions viable?    Thu 2 Oct - 0:35

K, so I will be starting rome 2 since apparently it is starting to become balanced at least that's what killerfisch told me. lol

So I am wondering are the greek factions/successor states viable? and if not who seems to be rather overpowered as of patch 15?

And i swear to god if oathsworn are still OP i will cry.
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PostSubject: Re: Are hellenic factions viable?    Thu 2 Oct - 9:10

Hellenic factions are definitely viable now. Hoplites got a big buff in the last patch and now last a lot longer and archers are really strong. I find thessalian cav to be cost effective for Macedon and then you have factions like selucids, Pontus and Egypt that have chariots which are considered OP by some. If you're just starting with Rome II the easiest way to learn about builds is to watch YouTube videos. Some good ones to check out are HeirofCarthage, AtillatheGreat, WolfOfRemusTW, Reptilicus, Armenian King, TOR.

When I started I just copied builds I saw people use or changed them slightly and learned that way

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Are hellenic factions viable?
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