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 Barbarian Team Tournament

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PostSubject: Barbarian Team Tournament   Fri 13 Mar - 17:18


On behalf of SacredBand clan, I would like to invite you all to join the Barbarian Team Tournament.

Our main goal which lead us to host this tournament is to promote team games on Attila. Regretfully, Rome 2 was mostly about individual skills and there was a big lack of team tournaments. We believe that such state gives away great deal of fun from the game. Of course, being good individual player is of a great importance. Nevertheless, it is not a coincidence that most of us group in clans. We all want to learn this game together, with friends. Than why not try to win tournaments with these friends as well?

The format for this tournament is specific – each match consists of 2x 1v1 and 2x 2v2, with factions elimination. Why? Well, SacredBand is a clan that had its great days on Rome1. We all have a great sentiment for that game, and not just only because of its superb multi gameplay, but also because back than multiplayer scene was as much about individual, as about team skills. One of the most honorable tournaments of these days was Clan War Belt (CWB). Some of you might remember it. Well, this tournament was “full” when it comes to proving who is the best in the game at the time. Each match consisted of 6 battles : 2x 1v1 (1 point for each win), 2x 2v2 (2 points for each win), 2x 3v3 (3 points for each win). With factions elimination. So you not only needed skills, but also good tactic approach (e.g. when it came to factions choices) to win the match. Playing in such tournament was a great experience.

Well, long story short, we want to make a first step to resurrect the idea of CWB on Attila. With BTT we want to encourage multiplayer scene to host CWB in the future (cause we are of the opinion that such tournament should not be hosted by a single clan). And as 3v3 are pretty unstable these days (which kills the skill), we decided to host tournament with 1v1 and 2v2 battles.
In order to make BTT a truly international tournament, we asked Diplomatt and Olkimos to become judges. They agreed, for which we are really grateful. We hope to use their experience in order to make it a great tournament.

Finally, we are happy to see that respectable Aggony clan hosts 2v2 tournament. We believe it to be a start of a new face of Attila, where team tournaments will become of the same importance as the individual ones. With BTT we want to make the next step in that journey.

So hope you will enjoy BTT.

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Barbarian Team Tournament
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