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 Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Fri 13 Mar - 16:36

Tournament participation
The tournament is both for clan and non-clan players. Mixed teams (e.g. consisting of members of two clans) are acceptable. There is a limit of 3 teams consisting of members of a single clan (e.g. 3 teams from Sacred Band).

Number of players in the team is: minimum - 4, maximum – 6. Please consider the team squad wisely. And above all, please register only if you are sure to be ACTIVE.

At least 4 different team member must play during the match. The same 2 players cannot play both of the 2v2s.

For example: where team has 6 players (A, B, C, D, E, F), the matchup may be as follows - 1v1 (A), 1v1 (C), 2v2 (B, D), 2v2 (A, B).

At the beginning of each round the team notifies on the forum about the players who will fight in 1v1s and the players who will fight in 2v2s.

There is a possibility to make changes in the team squad during the tournament. However, following conditions must be jointly met:
- new team member cannot be already registered in the tourney,
- the change in the team squad must be reported on the forum.

Tournament format
The tournament will consist of two phases:
1. Group stage (preferably 4 teams in each group),
2. Knock-out stage (preferably 2 teams advance from each group).

Within a group all teams must play matches with each other (e.g. for 5 teams group, there will be 4 matches). Each match must be played within 7 days.

Match-up will be made by the judges.

In the konck-out stage, teams play one match. In case of a draw (3:3), a single 2v2 battle will be played to decide on the winner (a team first to pick team will be drawn by the judges).

Match format
Each match consists of 4 games: 2x 1v1 and 2x 2v2.
For each win, the following  points are given:
- For 1v1 win – 1 point,
- For 2v2 win – 2 points.

Tourney points
After the deadline for the match, match points are being summed up and granted to each team (e.g. if team A wins 4:2 against team B, team A gets 4 points while team B gets 2 points for the match).

General issues
Where two teams from the same clan meet in the group, the match between these two teams must be played first.

Where at the end of the group stage two teams have the same number of points, the higher position in the group gets the team that won in the match between these two teams. Where such match ended with a draw, teams will play a single 2v2 battle (a team first to pick team will be drawn by the judges).

In the possibility one player is dropped and there is no clear victor, try again, same factions and armies. If there is a clear winner then that player gets the win.

Spectators/broadcasters are allowed if both teams agree.

The lack of effort to arrange and complete battles before the deadline will result in a forfeit of the match (0:6). Judges will evaluate effort according to the activity on the forum. Of course, you can also arrange games by Steam, however please notify about the results on the forum.

All controversial issues will be decided by the judges (Diplomatt, Pirx and Olkimos). However, each judge is excluded from the decision process in cases which involve his clan mates (e.g. Pirx cannot decide in cases involving SB players).
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Tournament Rules
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