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PostSubject: Rules   Sun 1 Mar - 2:12

Referee [UW]-Hemul http://steamcommunity.com/id/uwhemul
Welcome to Total War Online's first Attila naval tournament 'Sea Monsters'. The rules are subject to change if any patches come out. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them.

Max 4 of the same unit
Max 2 artillery ships.
Max 4 ramming ships.

4500 (small founds)
max 20 slots for fleet

Black sea (any, all map same)

Round 1: Best of 5
Round 2: Best of 5
Round 3: Best of 5
Quarter Finals: Best of 5
Semi-Finals: Best of 5
Bronze: Best of 7
Final: Best of 7
You can use any faction.

All the replays must be sent to totalwaronlinetv@gmail.com with the tournament name in the title and details in the message to make it easier for the casters.

Crash Game
If crash is at the beginning of the game and no one has obvious advantage then the game will be replayed with the same armies.
If both players agree they can change armies.
If a crash happened when one player got obvious advantage and both sides agree with the result of the game then there is no need in rematch. If one of the players doesn’t agree then players must publish screenshots, replay proving their priority by the moment of the crash.
If during the match there was the case of breaking the rules or a crash when one of the players had an obvious advantage and the game was replayed by mutual agreement, its results will be accepted.
If oponent drop and you have more fleet(army) you have or win or rematch but use same army when was drop.

Switching of steam accounts with other players during the tournament is prohibited. Violators will be terminated from the tournament.
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